Champions of England and not much else..

In a season full of miracles for Manchester City that was the 2011/12 campaign, Roberto Mancini’s side have struggled all across the board since the now infamous final kick of Sergio Aguero that claimed the Sky Blues first Premier League title.

Mancini’s men have dropped 8 points in their 10 PL games so far this season. Last season they dropped only 2 points at this stage.

Manchester City have had an average start to the season, to be fair, in which they currently lie in 3rd place in the Premier League, despite some lagging and lethargic performances. Further to Mancini’s misery, the Champions League campaign of the champions of England has been of disastrous proportion. Group D was a daunting task from the beginning, yet, the way in which City have gone about their business has been catastrophic for both their dignity and confidence. Having 3 games played and what should be 3 defeats, if not for Joe Hart’s heroics, Man City go into tomorrow night’s game against Ajax in need of a win, to keep their glimmer of a hope of qualification alive.

Tactical changes and disappointing transfers for a club like Manchester City have added to the misery of their performances, yet, the fact that they appear to grind out their results (domestically) shows that they have the ability and test of character of champions. Only time will tell if City can reignite their season and perform to the very high standard of last year and retain their Premier League trophy. With Chelsea and Manchester United currently top vying to reclaim the league title alongside City, performances and confidence will have to be restored in Roberto Mancini’s men if they are to have any chance of putting up a fight.


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