Suarez to City?

According to the papers today, in an apparent bid to maintain their chase with Chelsea and Manchester United to the Premier League trophy, Manchester City plan to launch an audacious £40 million bid for Luis Suarez in the January transfer window.

Will this man be the new striker in Eastlands?

In January of 2011, Liverpool paid a total of £24 million for the then Ajax maestro, and Suarez has since been plagued throughout the newspapers for the good, the bad and the ugly of his career. Through racism and diving allegations, the Uruguayan striker has shown a love for the 5-time European champions and a love of playing football. A transfer offer of £40 million may be too good to turn down for the Reds. Yet, manager Brendan Rodgers will have to ask himself, what other options does he have, with 2nd striker Fabio Borini out with a broken foot. Perhaps he can use the remaining budget to purchase new strikers for the coming season, despite the tough market that is the January transfer window.

Looking at it from the perspective of Manchester City, what value does a 5th world class striker offer to their squad? It’s a silly question to ask but surely, the quality of the forwards at their disposal is enough to maintain a dignified and strong chase to the title. Perhaps the problem for the champions lies deep within the heart of the defence with captain Vincent Kompany showing only a glimpse of his talents displayed last season.

But City manager Roberto Mancini allegedly wants to make a statement of intent as he looks to reinforce his position at the club, amid suggestions that he now needs to win the title again to keep his job.


3 responses to “Suarez to City?

  1. Liverpool won’t sell Suarez. It’s kind of obvious, the whole situation. After sending Carroll on loan to West Ham, Suarez is their only Striker in the form. Now, Liverpool haven’t won many games till now. Whatever points they have on board are because of two players who make the clock tick, Steven Gerrard and Suarez. I don’t think any team, not even Liverpool, will sell their sole Striker that too to a rival club. Specially when he is so important to the team.

  2. One thing for sure is, they need more strikers. Perhaps the fee for Suarez would be efficient enough for Liverpool to secure 3 strikers of a high standard such as Sturridge, Lazio frontman Mauro Zarate or Barcelona winger Christian Tello.

    Having said that, it’s all hearsay, and that’s why it’s in the gossip section. January looks to be very interesting for Liverpool fans.

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