Pink Is The Colour for Di Matteo

After 8 months in charge of Chelsea, after winning the FA Cup and the owners dream trophy the Champions League, Roberto Di Matteo has been unceremoniously sacked as the manager of Chelsea Football Club. It is well known that the ruthless Russian billionaire owner Roman Abramovich has no problem dispensing of managers, yet, this sacking in particular, is nothing more than a farcical show of stupidity.

The Champions League and FA Cup triumphs saw Di Matteo’s interim position made permanent and Chelsea began this season with nine wins from 12 matches.

It was nothing short of 2 months into the Premier League campaign and journalists and fans alike were praising Di Matteo’s side with dominating performances over Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal and many more. Sitting pretty at the top of the table, the former Chelsea player looked liked a magician saving an aging squad from the brink of extinction, converting them to a vibrant, creative and attacking minded team mixed with experience and youth. Roberto Di Matteo could do no wrong, it would seem.

That is, until the Blues went through a blip. A blip, or squeaky bum time as Sir Alex would call it, is a dip in performance that every team goes through at some point in the season. The best teams in the world go through it, including the mighty Barcelona. Chelsea went on a run of only one win from eight game. Following a resounding 3-0 defeat to Juventus on Tuesday, Abramovich and the board decided it was time for a change and they swiftly relieved Di Matteo of his duties and put Spanish man Rafa Benitez in charge until the end of the season.

If Benitez has been put in charge until the end of the season, why not allow Di Matteo the chance to attempt a turnaround? What better way than on Sunday against the current leaders of the league, Manchester City on Sunday. Summer signings, a resounding start to the season, an FA Cup and a Champions League should have been enough to secure Di Matteo more time.

It is this writers belief that Abvramovich succumbed to the pressure and allowed Di Matteo to take charge of the current season, due to his shock wins in both domestic and European competitions, yet, any moment of negativity or poor form, and he would axe the club legend. The outcry of Chelsea fans and the sympathy of his colleagues and peers is a testament to the objectives Roberto Di Matteo accomplished.

Perhaps he could have done certain things better like drop David Luiz when he was clearly to blame for defensive mistakes or buy a second out and out striker and not rely on the dreadful Fernando Torres. One thing for sure is, what more can a manager do than win the holy grail, the Champions League, to please Roman Abramovich.


4 responses to “Pink Is The Colour for Di Matteo

  1. I agree with you and knightgamer. I think in some matches Chelsea was hanging by a thread…that turned out to be true. Benítez is not the coach for Chelsea. Bad decision.

  2. The criticism of Benitez seems like a reaction to the shock of Di Matteo’s unwarranted departure. The Spaniard has the experience and credentials to warrant at least until the end of the year for an opportunity. If results continue the way they have, then its justifiable in saying Benitez is not the right man.

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