Tottenham Hot and Cold-Spur

Tottenham Hotspur’s season has so far consisted of inconsistency. Whether it be the inconsistent starting XI or the inconsistent results, Andre Villas-Boas’ side have had a whirlwind season. The former Chelsea manager had more than his share of controversy at the helm at Stamford Bridge, and as he took the job of replacing Harry Redknapp, many believed Tottenham would suit the bearded Portuguese man. However, does the bearded Portugese man suit Tottenham?

Spurs have conceded 10 goals in the final 15 mins of their Premier League matches this season, a league high figure and 40% of their total.

Spurs have conceded 10 goals in the final 15 mins of their Premier League matches this season, a league high figure and 40% of their total.

So far this season, Villas-Boas has proved his worth at times, and proved he still has a lot to learn. What is for sure is, Spurs fans can expect a variety of changes throughout the squad, as per Villas Boas’ routine this season. The no.1 shirt has been a hotly debated topic for the manager with the surprise signing of Hugo Lloris, disrupting the magnificent and efficient performances of Premier League veteran, Brad Friedel. Further to Villas-Boas’ “tinkering”, the strikers dilemma has seen Emmanuel Adebayor and Jermain Defoe vying for the sole strikers position in the starting XI, despite goals galore from the 30 year old Englishman this season.

Some have called the departure of Harry Redknapp as blasphemous, and some have called it a blessing in disguise. The stigma surrounding Harry’s proposed move to the England setup cast a shadow over White Hart Lane throughout the end of last season, and resulted in a possible 3rd place finish turning into a Europe League spot, due to Chelsea’s heroics in Munich.

The positives for Andre Villas-Boas is that they can move on from the Houidini stigma and create a foundation from which to build on. And build on it they have. Reaching the last 32 of the Europa League, beating Manchester United at Old Trafford and going on a run of 4 wins from 4 have highlighted Villas-Boas’ strengths as a manager.

The negatives however could be their recent defeat to Everton and disappointing result at the Emirates, and their struggling start to the season with home draws to West Brom and Norwich, as well as a shock defeat to Wigan at White Hart Lane.

Perhaps the Premier League is so tight and the opposition is so strong in every game that inconsistency is a foregone conclusion? Perhaps Andre Villas-Boas has “tinkered” with his line-up so much that the squad are struggling to gain true momentum?

Or, perhaps Andre Villas-Boas needs time to evolve his team? Time, that was never given to him at Stamford Bridge.

Only time, will, indeed tell.

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