Giving Everton for the Cause

Everton’s magnificent start to this season’s Premier League campaign has been a highlight for many. It is perhaps a surprise that in previous seasons, the Toffees usually flounder in the middle of the table until the turn of the year, when a sudden spring of urgency and power prevails. Currently vying for a Champions League position next year in fourth place, should Everton’s start to the season come as a surprise, or a foregone conclusion?

With victory against Spurs on the weekend, Everton extended their unbeaten run at home to 12 games.

With victory against Spurs on the weekend, Everton extended their unbeaten run at home to 12 games.

Considering the strength in this Everton squad, not seen with previous David Moyes’ side, should we really be surprised at the success of this team? The solidarity and hunger shown so far by this team this season, connects with both fans and pundits. As seen with the victories over Manchester United  and Tottenham Hotspur at home, as well as the draws with Arsenal and Manchester City away, one would claim that this Everton side is finally and officially on par with the caliber of these teams.

The Merseyside battle between Liverpool and Everton is one of hot debate and conversation. Who is the better team? History would lay claim to Liverpool being the most successful, but, in terms of sheer desire, skill and ability, one could again make the argument that Everton are of a better standard and calibre of Liverpool, at least at this very time.

One of the key reasons behind the Merseyside power shift is that Everton are scoring more goals than in previous years. After 12 games the Toffees had scored 22 goals compared to last year when they had only scored 15. Everton are also sharing goals among the team rather than relying on an individual. They have had six different players score more than two goals this season compared to Liverpool who have only had two.

Solidarity is key and perhaps managerial consistency. If Everton are to gain entry into the Champions League, one thing for certain, is that all teams would not like to travel the fortress that is Goodison Park, especially on a cold winter’s evening.


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